Wednesday, October 7, 2009

at the top of the world...

Maybe I’ve run too far,

Trying to reach the stars,

Never noticing, how things have changed.

Letting go of the small things,

That summed up as me,

Losing myself, to find my way.

All the singing and dancing,

All the glory and fame,

All seems so surreal when you find it…

Then you look back and realize,

The life you defined,

Seems like you never lived before.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Of bad boys and nerds

I was sitting down at my usual hairdresser waiting for my once in a month ritual where i lose approximately 0.2Kgs of hair from my head. As I started flipping through the stack of magazines that the hairdresser's maid brought me, one particular article in CLEO caught my attention. Well for most guys reading CLEO would be like committing one of the 7 deadly sins but then again since when did I subject myself to the rules of the world? I read on anyway.

The article was mainly on the issue whether females in general prefer to date the cool bad boys or the nerds a.k.a. the good angelic boys. And all in all, the conclusion is that females do love the bad boys. Not to say I'm the least bit surprised at such a statement but somehow I still believe that most women, when they get old enough (sorry... I meant matured enough), will grow to like the good boys instead. The reasoning behind this, as written in CLEO (200X) is that when women are young they love with their hearts, and when they get hurt a few times and gain a certain level of maturity, they start loving with their minds.

When you get to listen a significantly large amount of university/college love stories, you'll see how things work. Girls will go saying stuff like they can't continue on with the relationship just because the guy is too much of a gentleman. He's nice, caring, loving and all the other goody stuff but just far too soft at times. Girls (the less matured ones) will end up trying to date those who are the leaders of cliques, even when these guys don't really look that good, there's this pheromone of confidence that lures the girls to them. They know that these relationships will end up so wrong but then again, it feels too good for it to go wrong at that very point of time. When those who are more deserving of love are ditched aside in social events such as our annual proms, we can't deny the fact that sometimes going out with a bad boy/girl, is one of our secret fetishes that we would love to remain in denial.

Even after years of evolution, we humans have yet to evolve out of our inbuilt need to let loose. To be rebellious and say f*** the world at times. This desire to do something wrong sometimes just pushes us to go after people who will just slice up any beautiful hearts that are presented to them. Not to say that there aren't any keepers among these socially accepted coolly bad people but somehow you just don't get to meet them. Thus in the process of searching for that cool bad boy/girl, you either end up meeting the right man, or you'll end up giving up and start loving the good boys/girls who will most likely be the one to court you to the altar.

We never know when it's really our limit. The limit which we can continue to let our emotions take control of the relationship and not our petty minds. Some of us end up being addicted to people who aren't attainable. Some of us evolved past relationships. Some of us end up with that right person. Some of us... are still not sure where we're going to end up at. But all in all, I still want to say, so long as you believe, it will happen.

This little post is dedicated to all the broken hearts of males and females alike, and I pray that someday, that one person you have been waiting for will just stroll up at your door saying I love you.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Faith or Fear...

Faith or Fear?

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Two simple words that all of us understand or at least we think we do. But if one were to ask you, what is Faith or what is Fear, what would be your answer? Ideally, that is if we could, we would choose to recite the definition of these two terms as per defined by Oxford Dictionaries. Then again, if you merely provide the definition of this two terms in a undergraduate level examination, you’d most probably score 2/100, that is if you did proper referencing.

Now, imagine this is indeed a undergraduate level exam, and that is all you have wrote. Your mind is blank and now you face a choice. Should you stop writing and just submit the paper?

The choices you have:

(1) You stop writing
(2) You try to crap the way business school students do (and hopefully there will be a few points that the lecturer can salvage from your pile of crap)




Was your choice based on your Faith or your Fear?

Did you continue on writing because you were fearful of the consequences if you fail?

Did you stop writing because you had faith that you already did your best and everything will turn out alright?

Did you continue on writing because you have faith that whatever you write will be able to score you a few extra points (even when you don’t have any idea what the hell you’re writing about)?

Did you stop writing because you were fearful that whatever you write will make you look foolish and result in a lower grade?

Every choice that you made was made on either based on your faith or your fear. Which choice was easier to make? To just do it because you have faith that God will sustain you through whatever you are about to face or to not do it because you are afraid or the consequences of your actions. I don’t have an answer to that. Both options are as right and as wrong at the same time.

When someone asks us to take the step of faith, there’s always this bit of fear and doubt that hold us back. To leave everything into God’s hands and don’t do anything, or do everything you can and believe that God will make it right. Which is the right thing to do? Which is the real step of Faith? And at the same time, there’s this bit of doubt in you that forces you to ponder, is your way God’s way?

There’s so much to learn but so little time.

There’re so many questions but yet there isn’t one answer that can answer all those questions.

To believe or to doubt? (Not God but humans)

I don’t know…

Tell me and I will Heed
Show me and I will See
Involve me and I will Understand
No longer keep me in the darkness, but break the doubts that chain me and let me soar freely in the seven skies…